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President Obama’s timeline looks to be out of reach

Posted in DC Reform, Health Reform Policy Proposals by raisingwomensvoices on July 14, 2009

There has been much pessimistic talk over the past few days about the October goal of a health care bill on the President’s desk. A few things are leading to this conclusion made by pundits and politicians alike, including significant differences in opinion: Many have said that the fundamental disagreements between conservative and liberal members of congress are a bigger problem then we originally thought they would be. There are also three different committees working on this, and each has different leadership and different jurisdiction. However, Obama asserts that this will happen, and he has encouraged the Senate Finance Committee to release bill language soon. This poll shows “the difficult path ahead for the White House and Congress”. Money continues to be a big issue, as are those darned partisan politics. Check out the NPR piece about abortion and health care reform.

Women’s health is supported for one more day!

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Yesterday in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee a variety of anti-choice anti-women’s health amendments were defeated. There were amendments proposed that would (if passed) restrict women’s access to health care through parental notification, prohibiting abortion coverage in private plans included in the exchange, and by expanding provider refusal clauses. Read more from RH Reality Check.

I much appreciate this…

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Women’s Health News says it right. We are all here in the office plugged into C-Span. Follow us on Twitter at RWV4HealthCare.