Raising Women’s Voices

Report on Presidential town hall meeting

Posted in DC Reform by raisingwomensvoices on July 2, 2009

Yesterday the President hosted a town hall meeting where he answered questions from the audience, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube from citizens concerned about health care and health reform. Highlights included a hug from Obama to a woman named Debbie who is facing serious health problems and a situation where she cannot work and no longer has health coverage. Obama took the opportunity to use her as an example of exactly what shouldn’t be happening in these United States. The hug follows behind some of my personal picks:

A kid gets a hug from Barack

Obama and McCain hug it out

Bush and Obama

And, everyone’s favorite:

The hubby hug.

Also, the President fielded a question from our very own ally Jason Rosenbaum from HCAN, who does a bunch of awesome blogging on their website. Hey Jason! Good job! There wasn’t all that much content in the town hall answers to questions, but it’s important for Obama to present to the nation that he is involved and interested in what is going on in Congress, and that he is committed to keeping this as an integral part of his administration. Read an article about the event from the New York Times here.

In other news:

A ridiculous thing.

A frustrating thing.

Something to keep an eye on.


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