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Stem Cell Board ruling allows payment for egg donation

Posted in Reproductive Health Care by raisingwomensvoices on June 26, 2009

Stem cell researchers here in New York State are able to pay women with public funds for their eggs for research. The Empire State Stem Cell Board made the decision two weeks ago, which permits women to be paid up to $10,000 for eggs they donate. This decision comes with it a whole host of ethical and social questions – how much of a role will the payment play in the donation of eggs for women? When does this become coercion? Egg donation does have its risks – worried bioethicists and other opponents are concerned that poor women would be less likely to recognize these risks with the introduction of payment.

Though President Barack Obama has removed some restrictions to federally-funded stem cell research, there are still some restrictions in place. In addition, the issue has never lost its controversy and there are still avid opponents to the research, which requires the use of human embryos. New York State has committed hundreds of millions of dollars for stem cell research, and many researchers are excited about their new ability to pay women for eggs. Read the full New York Times article about this topic here.


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