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A Co-Op Reader: What’s all the chatter about?

Posted in Affordability, DC Reform by raisingwomensvoices on June 16, 2009

There has been a lot of talk recently around the cooperative option. In an attempt to bridge the gap between conservatives who are against any kind of government control of a health care option and liberals who are interested in just that, Kent Conrad (D – ND) has come up with a seemingly in-between option: the co-op. This idea is based on the non-profit model of a state, regional, or national group of individuals and small-businesses that buy into a non-profit cooperative that elects a board of coordinators and a CEO, and that “company” will compete with other private insurers. Criticisms include the fear that they will not have the purchasing power that the government-backed option would have and that they wouldn’t be able to compete with big insurance companies. Personally, I find it hard to accept an option that has come out of trying to compromise but now doesn’t really meet anyone’s requirements for an accessible, competitive, solid option for those who can’t afford a private insurance plan. Also, Conrad has stated to Ezra Klein in the interview they did together that some “kind of like it” and others are “intrigued by it”. Doesn’t sound very convincing. Check out some articles written about the co-op option from all corners:

Firstly, a primer on health care reform from the Kaiser Foundation. Check this website out for information on the key issues and concepts involved in the debate.

The Associated Press

Health Care for America Now

The New Republic


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