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Health roundtable at the White House – Cindy Pearson representing Raising Women’s Voices!!

Posted in Uncategorized by raisingwomensvoices on June 3, 2009

On June 5, Cindy Pearson, NWHN Executive Director, will be part of a women’s health roundtable at the White House.  The roundtable is being convened by Nancy Ann DeParle, Director of the White House Office of Health Reform.  DeParle has asked Cindy and a select group of leaders in women’s health to talk with her health care reform and how best to meet women’s needs.  Cindy will be representing both NWHN, and the Raising Women’s Voices for the Health Care We Need initiative (RWV).

NWHN and RWV believe that health care policy must take into account the needs of women, their families and their communities.  We’re ready to tell President Obama and Ms. DeParle that women need health care that is affordable, high quality, and can’t be taken away because of illness, job loss or divorce.   Women need comprehensive health care across the lifespan, with no exclusions of reproductive health services.  Health care reform needs to be a vehicle for improving the health of the public, and reducing disparities in care and outcomes.

You can watch the meeting on the White House website.  Go to http://www.whitehouse.gov<http://www.whitehouse.gov/> or http://www.healthreform.gov<http://www.healthreform.gov/> this Friday, June 5, from 11-12:30 for live coverage.  Video of the meeting may also be available afterwards.

For more information about our work for health care for all, go to http://www.raisingwomensvoices.net<http://www.raisingwomensvoices.net>


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