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Health Care for America Now interview with Howard Dean

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Thanks to Jason at Health Care for America Now for this interview. Interesting, optimistic thoughts about health reform.

In response to the murder of Dr. Tiller…

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a.)    A video from the vigil last evening in Union Square. Thank you to everyone who came and we all stand together against this abominable act of hatred.

b.)    An end to hateful rhetoric: A Boston Globe follow-up article to the murder of Dr. Tiller.

c.)    A link to Feministing’s follow-up round-up and cartoon.

d.)   A call for action: an opinion piece from the New York Times

Attorney General Eric Holder says the United States Marshal Service will begin protecting certain abortion clinics and doctors. Mr. Holder should consider taking the additional step of revitalizing the National Task Force on Violence against Health Care Providers that former Attorney General Janet Reno established during the Clinton years. There must be a sustained focus by federal and state officials to prevent further acts of violence and intimidation. If it turns out that additional laws are needed, Congress should take action.”

e.) And, on the other side of things, a few terrible comments from Randall Terry (founder of Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion group). Read the article about this at Feministing.

Health insurance and young people

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Pennsylvania fighting to insure young adults

Those 18 to 35 are among those with least coverage in Pennsylvania, and elected officials are fighting right now to pass a law that would require insurance companies to offer parents the option of keeping their children on their health insurance until age 29. Especially in the current economy, students are graduating college without secure jobs and therefore no certain health coverage. However, the Kaiser Family Foundation finds faults with the proposed law and with similar mandates in other states. Read the full article from Pittsburgh Tribune here.

Option for college graduates in Illinois

The Chicago Tribune outlines all the options for young people just out of school. As with most other states and most other populations, young adults covered by their parents insurance are set, but those with pre-existing conditions face a whole bunch of challenges.

Health Affairs publishes an article about uninsurance and affordability

“Based on simulated bill paying, this paper examines trends in comprehensiveness of coverage, out-of-pocket spending for medical services, underinsurance, and the affordability of employer-based insurance from 2004 to 2007.”

Want to know more? Check out RWV’s fact sheet on this issue – it includes a checklist of things to consider if you’re young and uninsured.

Secretary of Health and Human Services and director of White House Office of Health Reform team up

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Kathleen Sebelius (secretary of Health and Human Services) and Nancy-Ann DeParle (director of the White House Office of Health Reform) are two of the key players in health care reform. Richard Wolf in USA Today did an article about these two self-proclaimed “working moms” and their roles in the federal health care reform that is to happen this summer and into the fall. Read the full article here.

The unknowns in the health care reform debate

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Susan Heavey from wrote an article in Reuters about the uncertainties about health care reform on the part of health care organizations and companies. Insurance companies and drug companies have taken financial hits over the past months, and there is evidence to support further problems for these companies.

Meeting with the President

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Democrats from the two Senate committees looking to put forward proposals for health reform will be meeting with the President today. There is continued skepticism from Republicans and uncertainty from health care companies – stay tuned for results of this meeting and further negotiations.

Queers for Economic Justice teleconference series about health care

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Go here to check out the audio recordings of a bunch of great people that participated in the Queers for Economic Justice teleconference last week. Our very own Eesha Pandit talked grassroots and intersectionality, and Rebecca Fox (the director of the National Coalition on LGBT Health and a Raising Women’s Voices Advisory Board member) spoke about inclusion of the LGBT community in health care reform as well as definition of family and the importance of transgender health care.