Raising Women’s Voices

Feminist Health Clinic to Close

Posted in Reproductive Health Care by raisingwomensvoices on April 9, 2009

Women’s Choice Clinic of Oakland, allegedly the oldest feminist health clinic, which has provided abortion and reproductive health services for 36 years, will be closing its doors. Due to economic trouble and slow Medi-Cal reimbursements, they are unable to pay their rent.

To balance the state budget, California has frozen payments for services already rendered, which was devastating for the Women’s Choice Clinic. Linci Comy, executive director, says, “If you’re on state funding, you deserve quality care. But where are you going to go?” Destiny Lopez, a member of Raising Women’s Voices advisory board, commiserates, saying, “Women’s Choice Clinic was a safe haven for underserved women, a place where women knew they would receive health care with dignity.”

wccWomen’s Choice Clinic opened as a feminist clinic, meaning it was woman-centered and based on informed consent. It has served over 64,000 patients since opening in 1972. The clinic is known, among other things, for its work with teens, the lesbian, gay and transgendered population, women for whom English is a second language, and women on state aid or without insurance.

As a medical center, the clinic is required to keep health records for seven years, and clicnic workesr are in desperate need of space.

If you have any office or storage space, or know of someone who might, please email womenschoiceclinic@gmail.com


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