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Regional Health Reforms

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Check out healthreform.gov to see live streaming of the regional forums on health reform.

MAP084Click here to submit ideas or questions for upcoming forums, and attend one yourself!

Dearborn, Michigan: March 12th

Burlington, Vermont: March 17th

Des Moines, Iowa: March 23rd

Greensboro, North Carolina: March 31st

Los Angeles, California: April 6th

The Beat is Back!

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familiesusaWith the ongoing promise of health care reform, it is essential that state advocates stay connected with one another.

As such, Families USA is re-launching the State Health Beat as an interactive tool to increase communication, including health care news, personal stories, and examples of what’s working and what isn’t.

Email stateinfo@familiesusa.org with your story, and click here to subscribe

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Feel the RWV Love!

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Check out Cindy Pearson raising a question about women’s health at the recent Righting the Script conference sponsored by the Prescription Project of Community Catalyst! And look at the RWV pin she’s wearing!


High Uninsurance Rates Affect the Insured, Too

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On February 24th, the Institute of Medicine released a report complied by a committee of medical, health, policy, economic and business professionals. The report claims that when the percentage of uninsured in an area increases, access and quality of care decreases, even for the insured.

High uninsurance rates tend to drive providers from an area, affecting availability, quality, and cost to those that are covered.

The report also says that both children and adults benefit from having health insurance, which can help with preventative treatment, and be less likely to lead to later hospitilaztion, especially because those without coverage are likely to delay or forgo treatment.

Now on our website! International Women’s Day Radio Broadcast

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Click here to download the radio broadcast.

International Women’s Day Radio Broadcast with Byllye Avery and Ngina Lythcott

A New Agenda for Girls’ and Women’s Health and Rights:
a conversation with Adrienne Germain, Women’s Health Leader and President, International Women’s Health Coalition

The State of Health Care Journalism

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As President Obama and policy makers plan a major overhaul of health care, health journalists are now facing obstacles attempting to report new policies due to cutbacks.

health-care-journalist1According to a new survey and report done by the Kaiser Family Foundation in conjunction with the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ), financial pressures and competition to break news on the internet about both new and expanding platforms are affecting the quality of health reporting.

Those surveyed admitted worries about the lack of in-depth reporting as well as influence of public relations and advertising on online reports. They also lamented the increasing trend of “quick hit” stories, and the plentiful coverage of consumer health and subsequent meager coverage of policy health.

The survey, report and webcast are all available online

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Childbirth Connection 90th Anniversary Symposium!

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transforming-maternity-care-logoJoin Childbirth Connection for their 90th Anniversary Symposium in Washington, DC on April 3rd.

Transforming Maternity Care is Childbirth Connection’s project that brings together leaders from across the health care system to design a Blueprint for Action to improve the quality of maternity care.

Marjoity of Americans Support Health Care Reform

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A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey reports that over half of American families have delayed treatment or skipped it entirely due to rising health care costs in the past year.

money-prescriptionsFifty-three percent of Americans have used home remedies or over the counter medication in lieu of prescriptions, skipped dental care, halved or skipped doses to make prescriptions last longer, or put off needed care even for chronic illnesses or surgery.

Of those that did not postpone or skip care, 19% are either in debt or burdened with serious financial troubles because of medical bills, and a third of those covered now worry that they will lose their coverage.

It seems as if the economic crisis might be just what this country needs in terms of health care reform. Due to the current financial situation, more and more Americans see themselves as benefiting from health care reform rather than being disadvantaged by it, and as many as 62% say that they support reform.

For the full article click here

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Comment on HHS Proposal

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The Department of Human Health and Services has proposed rescinding the controversial regulation which prohibits discrimination against health care workers who, because of moral or religious reasons, refuse to provide abortion-related services. The regulation specifically requires recipients of federal funding to attest to compliance with laws that prohibit discrimination, and was finalized in Bush’s last days.

However, as opponents have pointed out, the regulation actually restricts patients’ access to adequate health care including birth control and emergency contraception.

HHS will accept comments on the proposed new ruling until April 9.

For information on how to submit a comment, check out Rachel Walden’s post at Women’s Health News.

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Insurance Claim Rally!

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Join Choices in Childbirth at an insurance claim rally on Wednesday, March 18th, 11:30-1:30 outside SEIU 32BJ, 101 Avenue of the Americas!

Choices in Childbirth is hosting a rally to support Julie Finefrock, who is six months pregnant. Ms. Finefrock is medically eligible for a home-birth, yet is being denied coverage under Service Employees International Union (SEIU), her husband’s employer.

SEIU, because it provides a self-insured policy for its members, is making use of the Employee Retirement Income Support Act (ERISA) loophole to deny Ms. Finefrock coverage.

Ms. Finefrock’s hearing to appeal her denial of coverage will take place at 3pm.

Fore more information, contact Kelly Renn at kelly@choicesinchildbirth.org, 212-867-9646 or click here