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Kansas Governor Viewed as Top Choice for HHS Secretary

Posted in DC Reform by raisingwomensvoices on February 19, 2009

sebeliusKansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, a Democrat, appears to be top choice for Secretary of Human Health and Services, after Tom Daschle withdrew over failure to pay $128,000 in taxes. She is a longtime Obama supporter, having endorsed him in January of 2008.

Ms. Sebelius has eight years experience as Kansas’ insurance commissioner as well as six years as governor running a state Medicaid program. She is also, notably, extremely adept at working bipartisan politics as a Democratic politician in a Republican state. For both of her terms, Ms. Sebelius ran with a republican on her ticket.

As the Kansas insurance commissioner, Ms. Sebelius helped draft a proposed national bill of rights for patients, and blocked the sale of Blue Cross and Blue Shield to an out of state company because it would have raised premiums.

If nominated and accepted, she would become the fourth woman in a fifteen person cabinet. She is, however, unlikely to be the White House health czar, as Mr. Daschle would have been, as it was a position tailored uniquely to him.

sara siegel

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