Raising Women’s Voices

Does Public Health Insurance Mean Lower Costs and Higher Quailty Care?

Posted in Affordability, Health Reform Policy Proposals, Insurance companies, Uncategorized by raisingwomensvoices on February 6, 2009

According to the report released yesterday by the Institute for America’s Future, yes! The report shows that public plans are much better at controlling costs and health care spending than private plans by highlighting the cost savings of Medicare. The report proposed that a new plan should be created, similar to that of Medicare, but available to those under the age of 65. In the past 25 years, Medicare has been able to control costs better than private plans have. Public plans also offer better quality of care, as they are less likely to pass financial increases along to employers and more likely to invest in preventative services. In other words, public plans appear to have more of an incentive to improve the quality of care in order to reduce costs. Public plans were also found to have lower administrative costs, stronger bargaining power, more choices for consumers and increased provider accountability. The health insurance industry and many Republicans in Congress oppose allowing competition between private plans and public plans managed by the federal government. Read the full report!


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