Raising Women’s Voices

Obama to Push for Public Plan Option in Reform Bill

Posted in Uncategorized by raisingwomensvoices on February 3, 2009

Jeanne Lambrew, deputy director of the White House Office of Health Reform, said that President Obama felt that Americans deserve a choice between public and private options for health insurance coverage.  The inclusion of such options were conveyed as a means to create a ‘level playing field’, said Lambrew. The plans could be modeled after state employees’ health benefits plans, where the government pays private health plans to provide health coverage, while  assuming the financial risks involved.

Democrat aides in Congress noted that public plan options would provide coverage to those who are currently uninsured, while also reducing health costs as a whole by reducing administrative costs and health care premiums.  President Obama has made it clear that he hopes for bipartisan support in this reform effort.  Lambrew said the White House expects to share further information about these health reform efforts after the economic stimulus bill passes.  In addition, the White House has already begun to compile a report for President Obama that includes in it the contributions of thousands of Americans who have held community discussions and reform ideas surrounding health care.


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