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NEACH Alert: SCHIP and FMAP Update

Posted in Uncategorized by raisingwomensvoices on January 15, 2009

New England Alliance for Children’s Health (NEACH) sends out an update and action steps for SCHIP and FMAP.
The House bill, similar to CHIPRA I, includes a 61 cent federal tobacco tax increase to contribute to the $35 million cost of the bill and proposes an expansion of 4.5 years. Unlike CHIPRA I, the bill includes the Legal Immigrant Children’s Health Improvement Act (ICHIA), which would eliminate the 5 year waiting period immigrant children and families must adhere to when trying to access public health programs. The Senate bill is very similar to that of the House, but differs in major way: it does not include ICHIA.
The House is votes on SCHIP reauthorization January 14th, and the Senate Finance Committee will mark-up the Senate version the following day, Thursday, January 15th. A floor vote expected late next week.

FMAP, the Federal Medical Assistance Percentages, is the amount that the federal government contributes to the Medicaid program. Medicaid relies on both federal and state governments for funding. An economic recovery package could include up to $100 billion for FMAP in the next 2 years, though this amount is likely to decrease as the debate continues.

Take action now by visiting:


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