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Mass. plan’s successes and unexpected bumps are a test for Obama’s health care platform

Posted in Uncategorized by raisingwomensvoices on October 31, 2008

While Obama’s national health plan has a lot in common with the plan being implemented in Massachusetts for the past 31 months, there are some important distinctions among which is a mandate requiring most adults in the state to carry health insurance – Obama’s plan does not include such a measure.  His platform does, however, share a vision for fundamental system reform with the Massachusetts plan:

“Obama says he would keep the familiar arrangement in which most Americans get health insurance through their jobs, as Massachusetts is doing. Yet he also favors profound — and controversial — changes that Massachusetts also is putting in place: Expanding government insurance programs and subsidies. Requiring employers to offer their workers coverage or face penalties if they do not. Forbidding insurance companies to reject anyone or charging more if they are sick. Creating a national health insurance exchange to help people to find and compare private insurance policies on their own.”

The big question on health reformers minds is whether or not this type of plan can be replicated at the national level.  While the rate of uninsured working-age people in Massachusetts has declined from 13% to 7% since the plan was enacted in 2006, there have been significant unexpected costs and shortages of family physicians and other primary-care doctors.

See the full article here.


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